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3 Ways To Play With Composition

Intentional and playful composition can significantly help your storytelling, photography and set styling let alone make your editing process faster. All in all, mastering composition will make a big difference in your creative work. Most importantly, it will help your audience to understand what are the key elements and intention highlighted in your work. Secondly, it will make the actual project flow faster the more comfortable and diverse your skillset will get.

The default composition guideline both in your camera’s gridline and also inside many editing apps is the rule of thirds. Now that is a great rule and great way to practice framing your photos. However, you can also experiment with other creative composition guides or in some cases ignore the guides completely. Creativity is supposed to be fun and these techniques are only useful if they can help or inspire your creative process.

Here are few of my favorite composition techniques to play with:

Fibonacci circle

Set Styling with the use of rule of thirds and fibonacci circle

Negative space

Negative space is useful in guiding the eye toward the subject

Golden triangle

The power of three works also in terms of grouping and balancing the subjects

P.S Did you know you can use the shortcut “O” to toggle through composition guides while cropping an image in Lightroom